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What is thermometry?

Thermometry The branch of heat relating to the measurement of the temperature of a body is called thermometry. The thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of a body. The essential requisites of a thermometer are given as under:  1) Construction, 2) Calibration, and 3) Sensitiveness. For the construction of a thermometer, the proper choice of a substance, whose physical property varies uniformly with rising in temperature, is essential. 1) Construction The physical property of a substance plays an important role in the construction of a thermometer. In a mercury thermometer, the principle of expansion of mercury with rising temperature is used. The platinum resistance thermometer is based on the principle of the change in resistance with a change in temperature. The gas thermometer is based on the principle of change in volume or pressure with a change in temperature. 2) Calibration  When a thermometer is constructed, it should be properly calibrated. The standa

What is the significance of learning biology?

Significance of learning biology

  • Be learning biology one can know himself i.e. how his body is organized and how it functions, why we become ill, how do we differ from other organisms, etc. 
  • Invention and development of microscope have opened a new vista for biology education. By microscopic studies, we can gather knowledge of finer structures of body organs and all. It also gives us knowledge of microorganisms which can't be seen with naked eyes. We can now utilize these organisms in several welfare activities and become aware of the harms they can do.
  • Green plants supply our food to eat and oxygen to breathe and also other daily necessary materials. Knowledge about these organisms helps us so that more benefits can be obtained from them to make life more palatable. 
  • Biological knowledge informs us of the reproductive process. This helps us for a better generation and also to solve the problem of over increasing population. 
  • The environment is an important factor in the life process and living organisms. Learning biology helps us to create awareness about environmental pollution and the conservative of the natural environment for the betterment of the present as well as future generations. 
  • Biological knowledge is compared with the production of food, disease control, entertainment, etc. Thus learning biology helps us to enjoy a better life. 


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