Space and time

In science, particularly in physics, the concept of space and time is very important. We need the concept of space and time to describe any event because without it we cannot get a clear idea about space and time of the event. The concept of space is in vogue from ancient times to locate the position of an object and space occupied by it. Similarly, the concept of time is necessary to understand the sequence and duration of the event. Euclid’s concept: Euclid was fast to present the geometric concept of space. Galileo’s concept: Galileo in his book, Statics used space and time in the law of motion and acceleration. Thus space and time have become very important quantities in mathematical equations. Newton’s concept: The concept of space and time has become more clear and taken quantitative form through Newtonian mechanics. Space is a three-dimensional extension in Newtonian or classical physics. Space has no beginning or end. It has a limitless extension. Space can be divided into infinitely small parts i.e. space is continuous. Space is homogenous as regions of any space are identical. Space is independent. Though all the events take place and spread within the space; space is never influenced by any object or event. Like space, time is also independent. So, the passage of time cannot change space.
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