When you open the gas cylinder used for cooking, which action takes place first diffusion or effusion?

The pressures of the ingredients of body spray inside and outside of the container are not the same. The pressure is greater inside the container. When the molecules of the gas come out through small pores into a low-pressure zone from a high-pressure zone, effusion happens. 

Due to the application of pressure, the molecules present in body spray come out through the small pores. The spontaneous movement is blocked by the pore of the container. The bigger the pore size, the more spontaneous the movement is. When the condition becomes absolutely pressure-less, it becomes diffusion. So in the case of a body spray, first effusion takes place, then diffusion happens.

When you open a gas cylinder used for cooking, effusion takes place first.

Effusion refers to the process of a gas molecule escaping through a small opening, such as a hole in a container, into a surrounding environment with lower pressure. In this case, when you open the gas cylinder, the pressure inside the cylinder decreases and the gas molecules escape from the cylinder into the surrounding air, resulting in effusion.

Diffusion, on the other hand, refers to the spreading of gas molecules throughout a container or a space due to their random motion. In a closed gas cylinder, the gas molecules are randomly distributed throughout the container, but when the cylinder is opened, the gas molecules escape due to effusion and start to diffuse throughout the surrounding environment.

Therefore, when you open a gas cylinder used for cooking, effusion takes place first, followed by diffusion as the gas molecules spread throughout the surrounding environment.

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