What is research? Field of research

What is research?

The process to glean knowledge by experimenting is known as research. 

Research is a systematic and in-depth investigation into a specific topic or problem, aimed at discovering new information, drawing conclusions, and developing theories or solving practical problems. It involves the collection and analysis of data, interpretation of results, and dissemination of findings through written reports or presentations. Research can be qualitative, quantitative, or a combination of both, and can take place in various fields, including science, medicine, humanities, social sciences, and others.

Field of research

Research can take place in many different fields and disciplines, including but not limited to:

1) Natural Sciences - physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, etc.

2) Social Sciences - psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, etc.

3) Humanities - history, philosophy, literature, language, etc.

4) Applied Sciences - engineering, technology, computer science, etc.

5)Medicine and Health Sciences - clinical research, public health, etc.

6) Business and Economics - marketing, finance, management, etc.

7) Education - pedagogy, instructional design, etc.

The field of research is vast and constantly evolving, with new areas of study emerging as a technology and society progress.

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