What is BO ID in CDSL? How to find BO ID?

What is BO ID in CDSL?

BO ID in CDSL, also known as Beneficial Owner Identification Number, stands for your 16-digit unique Demat account number registered with the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). It essentially serves as your identifier within the CDSL system, linking you to your dematerialized securities (shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) held electronically.

Some key points about BO ID

  • Uniqueness: Each BO ID is unique and identifies a single demat account held by an individual or entity.

  • Function: 

    • It serves as your primary identification number for accessing your demat account and holdings.
    • You need it to perform various actions related to your demat account, such as viewing your portfolio, submitting transaction requests, and receiving account statements.

    • Structure: The 16-digit number comprises two parts:
      • First 8 digits: Represent the Depository Participant (DP) ID where your demat account is opened.
      • Last 8 digits: Represent your unique client ID assigned by the DP.
    • Importance: Your BO ID is crucial for various activities related to your demat account, including:
      • Accessing your demat account online.
      • Placing buy and sell orders for dematerialized securities.
      • Receiving dividends and other corporate benefits electronically.
      • Pledging your securities as collateral for loans.
      • Participating in IPOs and other corporate actions.

    How to find BO ID?

    Some ways to find your BO ID:

    • Demat account statement: Your BO ID is typically printed on your demat account statement received from your DP.
    • DP online platform: Your BO ID may be displayed on your profile section within your DP's online trading platform.
    • Contact your DP: If you can't find your BO ID, you can always contact your DP for assistance.

    Remember, your BO ID is confidential information and should be kept safe, similar to your bank account details. Avoid sharing it with anyone unless absolutely necessary for legitimate demat-related activities.

    Additional notes

    • Each demat account has a unique BO ID, even if you have multiple accounts with the same DP.
    • You can't change your BO ID once it's assigned.
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