What different types of gardening are there?

There are two main types of home gardens: fixed and scattered. In a fixed garden the land is compact. It can be divided into different sections and beds prepared as necessary. A scattered garden consists of plots in different areas.

Many families do not have a fixed piece of land; they have various small areas of land around the home. The use of these small areas to grow different varieties of vegetables constitutes a scattered garden. Scattered gardens are more familiar than fixed gardens to the landless and marginal population.

Different areas around the home have different characteristics: wet near the ringwells and tubewells, less moist or dry by the roadside, shady under the trees, low land, and high land with good sunlight. These areas can be used to grow different types of vegetables, thus ensuring a varied supply of vegetables throughout the year. Some vegetables, such as mint, helencha, and black arum leaves, can be grown near the ringwells and tubewells. Certain fruit vegetables such as tomato, eggplant, and okra require full sunlight and can accordingly be grown in areas exposed to sunlight. Other types of vegetables such as climbers (gourds), drought-resistant vegetables (legumes and kangkong), and shade-tolerant vegetables (lal shak, data shak, and other leafy vegetables) can be grown in areas close to the house, by the roadside, and under the shade of other plants respectively.

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