Role of Bangladesh Bank as a Central Bank in the economic development

Bangladesh Bank has great contribution in economic development of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Bank mainly:

1) Issue Notes.

2) Maintain the foreign currency reserve.

3) Conducts Government's Account.

4) In distributing the industrial and agricultural loan, this bank executes the policy of the government through commerical banks.

5) Controls scheduled and non-scheduled bank's activities and Monitoring Cell of Bangladesh Bank ties all commerical banks by rules and regulations.

6) Through the publication of economic and statistical information, Bangladesh Bank keeps aware of the entire scheduled banks.

7) Plays important role in transferring and handling the foreign currency.

8) Research Division of Bangladesh Bank provides guidance through different research based activities.

9) Through the monitoring of Rural Micro Credit projects and other special credit projects, this bank is struggling to ensure the economic freedom of the distressed class.

10) Creates employment opportunities to eliminate poverty.

11) Keeps on active rule to stabilize the price level by the controlling of foreign exchange rate.

12) Besides this, Bangladesh Bank assists government in implementing different developmental activities.

13) Nowadays Bangladesh Bank is contributing lots in protecting the law and order of the country which also has great economic impact.

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