What is fluid?

What is fluid?

A fluid is a substance that can flow and change its shape to conform to the shape of its container. Fluids can be either liquids or gases, and they exhibit properties such as fluid pressure, fluid density, and fluid viscosity.

Liquids are fluids that have a definite volume, but they take the shape of their container. They flow and can be poured, and they exhibit surface tension and capillarity. Examples of liquids include water, oil, and alcohol.

Gases, on the other hand, are fluids that have no definite volume or shape and fill any container they are placed in. They flow freely, and their pressure and volume are dependent on temperature and pressure. Examples of gases include air, natural gas, and propane.

In both liquids and gases, the molecular interactions and the lack of structure give fluids the ability to flow, and it is these properties that make them unique and different from solids.

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