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Semiconductor and Electronics

Semiconductor and Electronics Notes for Class 11 - 12 Learning Outcomes Explain band theory of solid materials Explain conductor, non-conductor, and semiconductor by band theory Explain intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors Explain the concept of electron and hole in semiconductors Explain the p-type and n-type semiconductor Explain the construction and function of the junction diode Explain rectification Explain the construction and function of a junction transistor Explain the use of transistor as amplifier and switch Explain conversion of a different number system Explain Binary operation Analysis of the program of different logic gate Explain band theory of solid materials Energy Band:   There is a slight difference in the energy of electrons revolving in the same orbit in an atom of any matter. The range between the maximum and minimum energy level of these electrons situated in the same orbit is called the energy band. The energy level and energy band are not the same. The energ

No rest or no motion is absolute- Explain it.

No rest or no motion is absolute- Explain it.

Actually whether an object is at rest or not depends on the reference object. If the reference frame is actually in rest, the object will be actually in rest with respect to that frame. This type of rest is called absolute rest. 

A body is said to be in absolutely rest when it is in rest with respect to an absolutely rest object. Similarly absolute motion of a body is its motion with respect to a reference object absolutely at rest. But in this universe it is not possible to get a reference object, which is at absolute rest. Since the earth is continuously moving round the sun, while the sun itself is moving along the galaxy with its planets and satellites. Thus when we say that a body is at rest or in motion, we mean it is to be so with respect to a body apparently at rest. So we can say that in this universe all rest and all motion are relative. 

No rest or no motion is absolute.


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