What is an empath? Signs of Empath, The 7 types of Empath

What is an empath?

Have a capability no longer solely to relate to others' emotions and experiences but additionally to experience and journey precisely what others are experiencing. Empaths can join different beings to a deep degree that goes past common sense and words, and utterly see and sense others' previous and present.

Signs you are an Empath

  • You sense the feelings of others
  • You take on the power of others
  • You are a highly innovative person
  • You are effortlessly drained by means of bad people
  • Strangers ask you for advice
  • Your instinct is absolutely accurate
  • You have an extraordinary connection with animals
  • You sense drawn to assist others 
  • When others are pleased you are completely satisfied
  • You can sense matters earlier than they take place
  • You hear people's strengths no longer phrases
  • You can without difficulty sense when anybody is mendacity
  • You hate violence of any kind
  • You are a giver
  • You can see the intent of others even if their phrases differ
  • The weather can change your mood.

Empowered Empaths

  • Have strong boundaries
  • Use their intuition as a strength 
  • Relate deeply to others but do not carry other's shit
  • Have tools to realize unwanted energy

Disempowered Empaths

  • Say Yes to everyone
  • Feel victimized by people's energy
  • Are a walking sponge for energy vampires
  • Isolate themselves out of fear and overwhelm

Worst places for an Empath

  • Hospitals
  • Planets, trains, and buses
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Violent or traumatic movies
  • Angry offices

The 7 types of empaths

Emotional empath: The emotional empath can experience the emotions of others within their body. Many emotional empaths grow up in homes and integrate the emotions of their parents and siblings and have no idea what is happening to them until they leave the home.

Medical or Physical Empath: This empath will intuitively 'sense' or know what is a person and what they need to feel better. They can feel the subtle energy of a person and interact and change that person's subtle energy field so they can be healed.

Geomatic Empath: This is just a fancy way of saying that you are an empath that feels into the surroundings, nature, and physical landscape of a place. You can sense and feel the environment. You can feel what types of emotions were through your body. You will feel a calling to decorate your house with natural colors, plants, and stones. Things that remind you of your true home outdoors.

Plant Empath: A plant empath is the empath who feels, knows, and senses plants and what they need. They can actually hear the thoughts of plants and will be meticulous and intuitive in the garden. They also make amazing herbalists. 

Animal Empath: An animal empath is a person who feels deeply connected with animals. He/She knows what they need and can feel into their thoughts and emotions. They usually end up working as veterinarians.

Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath: The empath just has to look at a person or place their awareness on them and they will start downloading information about their life and past. They will know their habits, blockages, and lifestyle choices. This can be very overwhelming and if this empath doesn't know how to distinguish between his own thoughts and emotions and those of others then he/she can find herself in many co-dependent relationships or getting caught up in business that they have to place in being.They mistake another person's thoughts and emotions for their own. And then act them out. These empaths will also be able to read the subtext of a conversation. They will be aware of everything that is being said and will many of the times feel a need to shout out everything that no one is addressing.

Mirror Empath or a Heyoka: A Heyoka is an Native American term that means mirror. Heyokas are empaths that feel and sense the thoughts and emotions of others and then act them out in front of another person. They show the person all the unwanted aspects, or the shadow fo a person, in a sense, they're very much like a guru because they come here to help others evolve and do so by playing a stage character for the other to see a reflection of themselves.

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