What is a non-binary athlete?

What is a non-binary athlete?

Those who experience their gender identity and/or gender expression as falling outside the binary categories of male or female. Not all non-binary people identify as transgender. 

USA Gymnastics does not currently provide competitions specifically for people whose gender identity is non-binary. However, USA Gymnastics aims to be inclusive of everyone and will strive to support the fair participation of non-binary participants, which includes, for example, allowing non-binary athletes to choose a gender category to compete in for the season. Meet directors should bring concerns to program leadership at USA Gymnastics.

Do I need to have a separate team for trans or nonbinary athletes? 

No. Trans and non-binary people have the same rights to play sports as anybody else. Excluding trans and non-binary people from any space or activity is harmful, particularly for youth. Denying a trans or non-binary athlete the ability to compete equally condones, reinforces, and affirms that athlete’s social status as an outlier or a misfit.

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