Symbols of Elements

Symbols of Elements

The abbreviated form of English or Latin name of an element is called its symbol. Each element has its own symbol. There is a system of writing a symbol of an element.

a) The first letter of an English name of an element is usually the symbol and that has to be written using capital letters.

Symbols of Elements

  Element  Symbol
Hydrogen H
Oxygen O
Nitrogen N

b) When the first letter of two or more elements is the same, one of them is expressed by the first letter. The other elements(s) get the first two letters; the first letter is capitalized, followed by a small hand second letter.

Symbols of Elements (First letter same)

Element Symbol
Chromium              Cr   

c) Some elements have got their symbols from their Latin name.

Symbols of Elements (Latin Name)

Element Latin Name Symbol
Sodium Natrium Na
Copper Cuprum Cu
Potassium Kalium K
Silver Argentum Ag
Tin Stannum Sn
Antimony Stibium Sb
Gold Aurum Au
Lead Plumbum Pb
Tungsten Wolfram W
Iron Ferrum Fe
Mercury Hydrargyrum Hg

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