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How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification?

How mirror can be identified by observing the values of the magnification? If an object is placed within the focal length of a mirror, the image of the object will get magnified in case of a concave mirror, and will get diminished in case of a convex mirror. The value of magnification will be greater than 1 in case of a concave mirror, and less than 1 in case of a convex mirror.

What is manifesting?

What is manifesting?

The act of manifesting either has a ton of complicated rules or is whatever you want it to be, depending on who you ask. One popular TikTok claims that by simply coming across it, you’ve already manifested the video and that in fact, you’ve unconsciously manifested everything that has ever happened in your life (she quickly clarified in the comments that “nobody manifests their trauma”). Some say that there’s no “right” way to manifest while others claim it won’t work if you don’t “connect to the spiritual world” first. “Scripting” can either mean writing down your desire or writing down your desire precisely 33 times for three days and then finishing it with “all these manifests and better,” just in case the universe decides to send even more than what you asked for.

Revealing can also be surprisingly mathematical. There are special numbers attached to it - 1111 and 444 are "angel numbers" sent from the universe - as well as special word frequencies for expressing certain desires (528 Hz is the "frequency of love"). There are exposed-adjacent emojis (the amulet of sight, which is believed in the folklore of many cultures to protect against the evil eye, a favorite) and instructions on how to create your own seagull, a personal motif often used in witchcraft. The whole thing can sometimes feel vaguely Christian (angels for one), and demonic for others (such as witchcraft).

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