Brief History of Chemistry

  • The Greek philosopher Democritus declared in 380 BC that, a small particle will be available at a stage when we synthesize any matter. This particle is indivisible and he called it an atom. (Atom means indivisible) 
  • Aristotle opposed this idea.
  • Humans learned to melt copper and tin, mix them and cool the mixture into another hard alloy named bronze at around 3500 BC.
  • Medieval Arab experimentation with chemistry was called Alchemy and the philosophers were known as Alchemists. 
  • The term Alchemy comes from the Arabic word Al-Chimia.
  • Al-Chimia which again takes its origin from Chemi or Kimi.
  • The word chemistry comes from the Chemi.
  • Alchemist Jabir Al Haiyan is the first scientist to hold chemical experiments in a laboratory.
  • Jabir Al Hiyan is sometimes called the father of chemistry.
  • Scientists including Antony Lavoisier, Robert Boyle, Sir Francis Bacon, and John Dalton are the first school to start experimenting with chemistry understanding the real spirit of this science. 
  • Antony Lavoisier is called the father of modern chemistry.
  • The branch of science that discusses the structure of matter, its nature, and changes is called chemistry.
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