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What is a median in math?

What is a median in math? The median is the middle number in a sorted, ascending or descending, list of numbers and can be more descriptive of that data set than the average. Median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. To determine the median value in a sequence of numbers, the numbers must first be sorted, or arranged, in value order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. If there is an odd amount of numbers, the median value is the number that is in the middle, with the same amount of numbers below and above. If there is an even amount of numbers in the list, the middle pair must be determined, added together, and divided by two to find the median value. The median is sometimes used as opposed to the mean when there are outliers in the sequence that might skew the average of the values.  You may like What is manifesting? What is electric Charge? What is Binary? What is physics? What is pH scale? What is quantum mechanics?

What is fecal transplant?

What is a fecal transplant?

A fecal transplant from a healthy donor encourages the recipient’s body to grow healthful bacteria, which can cure some infections and reduce the severity of certain gut health problems. 

Fecal transplant

The gut is home to a delicate balance of millions of bacteria. When these bacteria become unbalanced, a person can develop diarrhea and other intestinal problems.

A doctor will carefully screen fecal transplant donors to ensure that their gut and feces are healthy. They will test them for various diseases. Like, hepatitis.

More than 1,700 years ago, Fecal transplants originated in ancient Chinese medicine. In the past, this procedure involved drinking a liquid suspension of another person’s feces. Today’s fecal transplants are sterile and safe. There is a growing body of research to support their use.

Doctors may recommend fecal transplants to manage gastrointestinal conditions. For instance problems with gut bacteria may cause or worsen inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

What to Expect from Fecal Transplantation

You will need to identify a potential donor prior to your fecal transplantation. 

Donors should not:

  • Have had any antibiotic exposure in the past six months
  • Be immunocompromised
  • Have had any tattooing or body piercing in the past six months
  • Have any history of drug use
  • Have any history of high-risk sexual behavior
  • Have any history of incarceration
  • Have recently traveled to endemic areas
  • Have any chronic GI disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease

The procedure of Fecal Transplantation 

Fecal transplantation is usually performed by colonoscopy and less commonly by nasoduodenal tube. During a colonoscopy, the colonoscope is advanced through the entire colon. As the colonoscope is withdrawn, the donor stool is delivered through the colonoscope into your colon.

Before your procedure, you will need to follow specific preparation instructions. Your doctor will discuss them with you in detail.

  • You will need to stop any antibiotic therapy two days before the procedure.
  • You will need to follow a liquid diet followed by an enema or laxative preparation the night before your scheduled procedure.
  • Tell your doctors if you have any allergies.
  • Your doctor will instruct you regarding any prescription medication you take.

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