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What is a median in math?

What is a median in math? The median is the middle number in a sorted, ascending or descending, list of numbers and can be more descriptive of that data set than the average. Median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. To determine the median value in a sequence of numbers, the numbers must first be sorted, or arranged, in value order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. If there is an odd amount of numbers, the median value is the number that is in the middle, with the same amount of numbers below and above. If there is an even amount of numbers in the list, the middle pair must be determined, added together, and divided by two to find the median value. The median is sometimes used as opposed to the mean when there are outliers in the sequence that might skew the average of the values.  You may like What is manifesting? What is electric Charge? What is Binary? What is physics? What is pH scale? What is quantum mechanics?

What do you mean by binomial nomenclature?

What do you mean by binomial nomenclature? The scientific name of an organism is constituted of two parts. The first part of the name denotes the genus to which the species belongs; the second part identifies the species within the genus. The scientific name of potato is Solanum tuberosum , for example. The word solanum and tuberosum denote the genus and species name of potato respectively. You may like to read What is the binomial name of Jackfruit? What is the binomial name of Jute? What is the binomial name of Mango? What is the binomial name of Rice What is binomial nomenclature?

Which branch of biology does genetics belong to? Explain.

Which branch of biology does genetics belong to? Explain. Genetics is dealt with under the branch of physical biology. Genetics is the branch of biology that deals with theoretical knowledge of genes and heredity. Since it does not deal with the application of the subject, so it is considered under the branch of physical biology. You may like to read Which branch of biology does genetics belong to? Explain. Branches of Biology What is Genetics? What is locus?

Why is genetics called the physical branch of biology?

Why is genetics called the physical branch of biology? Genetics Discusses the theoretical parts of Biology which are the main characteristics of the physical branch of Biology. You may like to read Which branch of biology does genetics belong to? Explain. Branches of Biology What is Genetics?

Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect

Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect We should know the bad effects of smoking and taking drugs. But merely knowing about the subject is not enough to live a healthy and happy life. We should draw up a practical action plan immediately so that we can give up such harmful habits. The first and foremost thing is the firm conviction of not smoking or taking any other drugs in any situation in the future. At puberty, adolescents naturally feel very curious about the unknown and the forbidden. As a consequence of such curiosity and excitement or being influenced by friends or others, the pubescent may take up smoking or use drugs. Such curiosity or excitement may prove to be a cause of regret and remorse for the rest of life. Before quenching these excitements, the pubescent should think about what problems smoking and alcohol may cause. If they consider the bad habit. The following activities are to be followed if we like to keep away from s

The Scopes of Chemistry

The Scopes of Chemistry Wherever there is an element, there is chemistry. Various gaseous elements are there in the air. There are continuous chemical changes occurring in the air. The same is there in the soil we are living on. It happening now, it happened in the ancient days too. The earth was highly heated at the moment of its creation. There was no wind, nor any animal. It took millions of years of chemical reactions for the creation of the atmosphere, water, and thousands of other elements. These altogether contributed to the habitability of the earth for animals. All animals including human beings have microscopic lives like bacteria, amoeba, huge trees and animals have bodies that contain various kinds of chemicals. Each body is a kind of chemical factory where chemical reactions are taking place every moment. We live because of these chemical reactions. Again, with the advent of civilization, humans have produced various necessary items and products by means of chemical reacti

Drug addiction, tobacco and intoxicating substances and their bad effects

Drug addiction, tobacco, and intoxicating substances and their bad effects Drug addiction means strong attraction or addiction to any drug or intoxicating substances. The substances whose intake creates intense addiction are generally called drugs. There are some medicine items that are also considered as drugs for their use. Without prescription by a doctor if someone takes a medicine again and again, and if that medicine causes addiction, the medicine will be categorized as a drug. Therefore, the substances that cause harmful effects on the human body and mind, and the users of those items feel strong attraction for or addiction to them, are called drugs. For example, cigarettes, cigars, wine, marijuana, cannabis, heroin, opium, pethidine, phensedyl, sleeping pill, etc. are commonly known as drugs. People, who take drugs, gradually develop unusual dependence upon them. They cannot restrain themselves from taking drugs. In any case, if they cannot take drugs, there appear serious ph

Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention

Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention Everything that repairs physical decay and maintains physical development and heat is called food. Our body is undergoing decay all the time due to physical activities. It is food that repairs this decay and keeps our body active. Of course, all the food items should be nutritious and balanced. Even nutritious food may cause harm to our body if the food is not safe. For example, anybody falls sick by eating contaminated foodstuff. Contaminated food becomes poisonous and creates serious threats to health and life. Any contaminated food or drink that causes bacterial infection in the gullet and stomach is called poisonous food or drink. Causes of food poisoning: Usually, food poisoning is caused by bacterial or toxins, a special type of organic poison. Bacteria contamination can occur in many ways. For example, keeping cooked food for a long time, before it is prepared and also during its preparation through harmful pests and in

Causes of malnutrition, and remedies

Causes of malnutrition, and remedies We need food to live and maintain health and physical development. Food supplies nutrition to the body. Symptoms of proper nutrition, are enthusiasm and hard work. We need the energy to work. Nutritious food supply energy. Six nutrients of food supply energy to our body. Functions of nutrients: Different nutrients have different functions. Functions of these nutrients include bodybuilding, growth and development, repair of decay, heat and energy supply, heat and energy production, development and maintenance of organs, blood circulation, nutrition supply, discharge of urine and stool, cooling of the body, etc. Requirement of a balanced diet: Foods containing all the six nutrients proportionately are called a balanced diet. But its requirements vary according to age and sex. For example, the requirement of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients by an adolescent is higher than that of a child. Again, the amount of food required by a play

Concept of nutrition and its importance

Concept of nutrition and its importance At puberty, adolescents experience very quick physical development. To support this physical growth and development they need adequate nutrition. They should take a proper quantity of food with all necessary ingredients to supply energy, repair decay, and prevent diseases at the growing stage. Lack of nutritious food causes mental and physical retardation and reduces the immune system. Therefore compared to other stages of life, people need more nutritious food at puberty. At this age, children remain busy with study, games, and sports, etc. Due to their physical activity, they need more calories. The intake of low-calorie food hampers physical and mental development. Food ingredients There are a number of ingredients of food namely protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, minerals, and water. Any food rich in any of the ingredients is known as such, for example, any food that contains protein is known as proteins and the food that contains carbo

What is a chanticleer

What is a chanticleer Chanticleer comes from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. More specifically, he comes from the Nun's Priest Tale, a story within Cantrbury Tales. The Chanticleer is a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard. For the best description of Chanticleer, we turn to Chaucer's words. "For crowing, there was not his equal in all the land. His voice was merrier than the merry organ that plays in church, and his crowing from his resting place was more trustworthy than a clock. You may like Importance of physical education Program of physical education Importance of physical fitness   Variation of games for gaining specific physical fitness Importance of Physical Exercise according ot age and sex Effect of Exercise on Physical Fitness Exercise to improve Speed, Strength, Endurance, Agiliity and Flexibililty for Physical Fitness

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