Explain how the concept of inertia is obtained from Newton's first law of motion.

From Newton's first law of motion, we observe that body cannot change its state by itself. If the body is at rest, it tends to remain at rest forever, and if it is in motion it tends to remain in motion with uniform speed forever. This property of a body is called inertia. Thus, from Newton's first law of motion, we get the concept of inertia.

Explain the impulse of Force.

The impulse of Force is the multiplication of applied force to a body and the application time. If a force F on a body is applied taking a time t then the impulse of Force is F x t. It is generally the change in momentum minus the initial momentum.

How the skydivers descend safely to the ground with the help of a parachute?

A parachute works by harnessing the air resistance. Air resistance is a type of frictional force that works against the force of gravity on Earth. As an open parachute has a large surface area, it helps provide enough air resistance. As a result, the skydivers falling speed is decreased mostly. So, the skydiver will then be able to descend slowly and safely.

If a stationary bus suddenly starts moving, the passengers lean backward - why?

If a stationary bus starts moving, the passengers inside the bus lean backward because the passengers wish to remain in their initial state of rest. This is known as inertia. As the bus starts to move, the passengers who are initially at rest will continue to remain at rest and So, they lean backward for an instance of time.

Explain how we walk.

In our daily life, you walk or run on the ground. When we walk on the ground, we accept a backward force on the ground by the leg behind obliquely. This is the action force. According to the third law, a reaction force is produced opposite to this. We are able to walk on the road due to this reaction force.

When a shot is fired from a gun, the gun pushes backward why?

When a shot is fired from a gun the gun is pushed backward at the time. In this case, the action and reaction force off the bullet and the gun exist at the same time.  According to Newton's second law of motion, the bullet and the gun equal and opposite momentum. As a result, the bullet moves forward with a particular momentum and the gun moves backward with a momentum of the same magnitude but opposite in direction. Due to this, the person will feel a backward thrust. The backward velocity of the gun will be smaller in compression to that of the bullet is the mass of the gun is large.

Write down the advantages of friction.

Though fiction has many advantages it is considered a necessary evil. We cannot do anything without the force of friction. If there was no friction, the motion of a body would not cases at all and continue perpetually. Due to friction, a nail is fixed in a wall. It became possible to construct buildings and houses because of friction. We can work as there is friction between our shoes and the ground. We can change the direction of motion of a car owing to fiction. Using a parachute it is possible to descend safely to the ground by Honey Singh the resistance. So, we can say that friction has so many advantages in our daily life.

What is LVP flooring?

 Objectives What is lvp flooring What is lvp plank flooring What is lvt/lvp flooring What is lvp laminate flooring What is the best lvp flooring What is the thickest lvp flooring What does lvp flooring look like What does lvp flooring cost What is the cost of lvp flooring What is LVP flooring? Luxury Vinyl Planking shortly LVP. Luxury Vinyl Flooring shortly LVT. As the name implies, Luxury Vinyl Planks look like planks of hardwood floors; and Luxury Vinyl Tile looks like Tile (or natural stone). They are individual pieces of vinyl (not sheet vinyl), so they look very similar to the real thing. Most luxury vinyls are waterproof (or highly water-resistant).

Why does deceleration occur when a moving car is suddenly braked?

Velocity of a car decreases when it is suddenly braked, as a result deceleration occurs. In this case, the velocity is decreased by applying force opposite to the motion of the car. Deceleration is the decreasing rate of velocity with time. This is why deceleration occurs when a moving car is suddenly braked. 

What is inertia of motion?

When a body tends to remain in motion because of velocity then it is called inertia of motion. So, the characteristic of a body in motion wanting to keep its motion is called the inertia of motion. The inertia of the motion of a body depends on its momentum. When a moving bus is suddenly stopped, people bend forwards due to the inertia of motion. 

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