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What is a median in math?

What is a median in math? The median is the middle number in a sorted, ascending or descending, list of numbers and can be more descriptive of that data set than the average. Median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. To determine the median value in a sequence of numbers, the numbers must first be sorted, or arranged, in value order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. If there is an odd amount of numbers, the median value is the number that is in the middle, with the same amount of numbers below and above. If there is an even amount of numbers in the list, the middle pair must be determined, added together, and divided by two to find the median value. The median is sometimes used as opposed to the mean when there are outliers in the sequence that might skew the average of the values.  You may like What is manifesting? What is electric Charge? What is Binary? What is physics? What is pH scale? What is quantum mechanics?

Risks of drug addiction and techniques of tackling them

Risks of Drug Addiction and Techniques of Tackling them Like many other countries, in Bangladesh, the number of drug-addicted people is increasing gradually. Significant portions of the drug-addicted are teenagers and adolescents. Again, many of the street urchins, working children, and people of various occupations such as laborers, business persons, rickshaw pullers, bus-truck drivers, other professionals, and sex workers are also drug-addicted. One of the many causes of the spread of drug addiction includes frustration, unemployment, family unhappiness, curiosity, and the influence of bad friends, etc. Risks of Drug Addiction There are various influences from different corners on teenagers to take drugs. The friends or classmates who are already addicted to drugs may influence the teenagers by proposing to take drugs. Besides, the drug peddlers or sellers of drugs may also instigate children to try their items in many ways. Thus, teenagers find themselves in a very risky situation

Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect

Ways of keeping away from smoking and drugs and the role of others in this respect We should know the bad effects of smoking and taking drugs. But merely knowing about the subject is not enough to live a healthy and happy life. We should draw up a practical action plan immediately so that we can give up such harmful habits. The first and foremost thing is the firm conviction of not smoking or taking any other drugs in any situation in the future. At puberty, adolescents naturally feel very curious about the unknown and the forbidden. As a consequence of such curiosity and excitement or being influenced by friends or others, the pubescent may take up smoking or use drugs. Such curiosity or excitement may prove to be a cause of regret and remorse for the rest of life. Before quenching these excitements, the pubescent should think about what problems smoking and alcohol may cause. If they consider the bad habit. The following activities are to be followed if we like to keep away from s

Drug addiction, tobacco and intoxicating substances and their bad effects

Drug addiction, tobacco, and intoxicating substances and their bad effects Drug addiction means strong attraction or addiction to any drug or intoxicating substances. The substances whose intake creates intense addiction are generally called drugs. There are some medicine items that are also considered as drugs for their use. Without prescription by a doctor if someone takes a medicine again and again, and if that medicine causes addiction, the medicine will be categorized as a drug. Therefore, the substances that cause harmful effects on the human body and mind, and the users of those items feel strong attraction for or addiction to them, are called drugs. For example, cigarettes, cigars, wine, marijuana, cannabis, heroin, opium, pethidine, phensedyl, sleeping pill, etc. are commonly known as drugs. People, who take drugs, gradually develop unusual dependence upon them. They cannot restrain themselves from taking drugs. In any case, if they cannot take drugs, there appear serious ph

Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention

Food contamination, Causes, symptoms, and its Prevention Everything that repairs physical decay and maintains physical development and heat is called food. Our body is undergoing decay all the time due to physical activities. It is food that repairs this decay and keeps our body active. Of course, all the food items should be nutritious and balanced. Even nutritious food may cause harm to our body if the food is not safe. For example, anybody falls sick by eating contaminated foodstuff. Contaminated food becomes poisonous and creates serious threats to health and life. Any contaminated food or drink that causes bacterial infection in the gullet and stomach is called poisonous food or drink. Causes of food poisoning: Usually, food poisoning is caused by bacterial or toxins, a special type of organic poison. Bacteria contamination can occur in many ways. For example, keeping cooked food for a long time, before it is prepared and also during its preparation through harmful pests and in

Causes of malnutrition, and remedies

Causes of malnutrition, and remedies We need food to live and maintain health and physical development. Food supplies nutrition to the body. Symptoms of proper nutrition, are enthusiasm and hard work. We need the energy to work. Nutritious food supply energy. Six nutrients of food supply energy to our body. Functions of nutrients: Different nutrients have different functions. Functions of these nutrients include bodybuilding, growth and development, repair of decay, heat and energy supply, heat and energy production, development and maintenance of organs, blood circulation, nutrition supply, discharge of urine and stool, cooling of the body, etc. Requirement of a balanced diet: Foods containing all the six nutrients proportionately are called a balanced diet. But its requirements vary according to age and sex. For example, the requirement of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients by an adolescent is higher than that of a child. Again, the amount of food required by a play

Concept of nutrition and its importance

Concept of nutrition and its importance At puberty, adolescents experience very quick physical development. To support this physical growth and development they need adequate nutrition. They should take a proper quantity of food with all necessary ingredients to supply energy, repair decay, and prevent diseases at the growing stage. Lack of nutritious food causes mental and physical retardation and reduces the immune system. Therefore compared to other stages of life, people need more nutritious food at puberty. At this age, children remain busy with study, games, and sports, etc. Due to their physical activity, they need more calories. The intake of low-calorie food hampers physical and mental development. Food ingredients There are a number of ingredients of food namely protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, minerals, and water. Any food rich in any of the ingredients is known as such, for example, any food that contains protein is known as proteins and the food that contains carbo

Midday School meal for students

Midday School meal for students World education conference 1990 was held in Jomtien, Thailand focusing on universal education. Based on the decision of the conference a program named 'Education for all' was launched. According to the program, a policy was declared that all the participating countries would take the necessary initiative to make primary education compulsory. It set its target to remove illiteracy from their respective countries. Without education at a primary level, most of the children will not be able to read and write. As a result, a country will not be able to come out of the vicious circle of illiteracy. Backwardness in primary education seriously affects education at the secondary level. In Bangladesh the majority of its population is poor and they live in rural areas. Schools in rural areas are not able to fully implement the education for all programs as declared by the government. Dropout rates in these schools are high and they cannot complete the cou

Students health service and health cards

Students health services and health cards People who go to educational institutions to gain knowledge are known as students. Students stay at school from 6 - 16 years. They have to stay at school for 7 to 8 hours a day. 6 days a week and 7 or 8 months a year. The time of their stay at school is highly important for them to grow as good citizens of the country. School should give special attention to the health of the students for their all-round development. If furniture, teaching materials, etc are congenial for students' health, their bodies and mind will develop properly. School is the best place for mental development and building moral character. Students acquire good qualities under the guidance of an ideal teacher. Similarly, for all-around physical development with a good environment, clean system, classroom with sufficient light and ventilation, open playground and gardens is called healthful school.  Following areas should emphasize the better health service of studen

Common health problems and remedies

Common health problems and remedies Disease for sickness is part of life. None can live without any disease in life. But one can avoid and prevent diseases. Common health problems leads to sickness. Therefore in order to keep oneself free from disease, one should know about the nature of a disease, its germs and how the disease spreads. Causes of diseases: Various types of germs cause various diseases. We come into contact with a lot of germs of different disease every day. The germs enter our body in many ways. When the immunity of body decreases the body cannot fight against germ attacks and it becomes sick. On the other hand, germs can not easily attack the person whose body is strong and stout remains healthy. Nature of diseasee: There are some diseases that infect other nearby people. Such diseases are called communicable diseases. Apart from human body, diseases can be transmitted through other objects like water, food, air, etc. Some communicable diseases causing health problem

Mental Health and its importance on students

Mental Health and its importance on students Generally, mental health means "full and harmonious functioning of the whole personality". Games and sports help to keep our body and mind fit by maintaining physical, well as mental health. As malfunctioning of an organ of the body creates physical illness so is the case with the mind. When the mind does not function properly, it is called mental illness. In the context of games and sports, the students develop competitive attitudes and consequently they suffer from mental illness. Games and sports require not only physical exercise but are also the causes of happiness of victory and pains of failure. Since sportsmen maintain physical fitness, they maintain physical fitness they are required to be mentally fit as well. Physical health and mental health are complementary to each other. Once a student wins in any sports competition, he or she becomes more confident to do better in future events. With a view to retaining this suc

Concept and technique of personal health care

Concept and technique of personal health care Physical fitness is a precondition for a happy life. When a student is not physically fit, he/she can't concentrate on study and does not find interest in any activity. So they cannot accomplish any task properly. It is essential to keep oneself physically fit in order to do anything successfully and live in peace and happiness. It is difficult to restore a person's health to its healthy condition. To lead a healthy life everybody should take care of health and follow health instructions. What is health care? Health care refers to maintaining physical structure and natural growth and keeping free from diseases. Personal health care includes being aware of one's own health, taking necessary measures of health care, and following all health instructions. The issue of health care is related to both physical and mental health. An individual's physical growth and mental development take place, starting from childhood until yout

Health Science and its importance

Health Science and its importance The objective of the study of health science is to have knowledge about health and its principles. Again, the objectives of following health principles are to prevent diseases. The more we find out the reasons for diseases, the more we will be able to prevent them. The ultimate objective is to get rid of diseases and have a long healthy life. Therefore by studying health science we can learn how to have good health and long life. We should acquire knowledge of health science to understand the essence of the proverb "health is the mother of all happiness".  Environment and society have an influence on our health. A dirty environment causes harm to our health. Communicable diseases cause contamination from one body to another. How germs of communicable and contagious diseases are transmitted from one person to another and what we should do to prevent such diseases, are all topics covered under health science. Health science provides us knowle

Causes of mental fatigue and their remedy

Causes of mental fatigue and their remedy Whatever may be the fatigue whether it is physical or mental there must have some reasons behind it. We have just discussed the causes of fatigue occurring in human beings due to programs related to physical stress. There are many other reasons why fatigue may occur. Psychologists have divided the causes of fatigue into three classes: 1) Causes related to body or physique, 2) Causes related to mind or psyche, 3) Causes related to the environment. Causes of physical fatigue include generation of lactic acid in muscles, decay of body muscles, discharge of salt from the body, a significant shortage of oxygen, excessive body movement, etc. In this lesson, we will discuss mental fatigue. We can analyze the causes of mental fatigue in the following manner. 1. Lack of mental preparation:  We should be mentally prepared before doing anything. If the performer does not have a clear idea about the activity, fatigue may occur more quickly than usual.

Fatigue, its classification and effects on students

Fatigue, its classification, and effects on students It is usually seen that, when someone is engaged in the same job for a long time, there occur physical and mental changes towards the job. The person who experiences physical and mental changes towards the job also naturally experiences a fall in their performance. This physical and mental change is known as tiredness for fatigue.  So, fatigue refers to sloth in the working persons and reduction in their performance. Reduction in the performance of individuals is the universal cause of fatigue. Psychologists have defined fatigue in various ways.  Some said, "Reduction in performance is fatigue." Another defined, "In a work situation, a fall in working capacity or performance is fatigue" An analytical definition is, "As a result of continuous engagement in the same type of job for a long time, there appears a decrease in working capacity of individuals and this decrease of working capacity may be termed as f

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