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What is phosphorylation?

When one or more than one phosphorus / phosphoric acid forms bond with adenosine generated from the bond between a nitrogenous base and a pentose sugar Adenosine Monophosphate, Diphosphate, Triphosphate are created. Usually this phosphate addition reaction does not require external energy input and in widely known as phosphorylation.

Write down the full form of ATP?

Full form of ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate.

What is meant by C4 plants?

In green plants in light independent phase of photosynthesis there are three pathways of CO 2 reduction. One of it is Hatch and Slack cycle or C 4 pathway. The first stable substance formed in the pathway is 4 - carbon Oxaloacetic acid. In C 4 plants, at the same time both the Hatch and Slack cycle and the Calvin cycle are carried out. The rate of photosynthesis in C 4 plants is higher than that of in C 3 plants. Some examples of C 4 plants are maize, sugarcanes, other plants of grass type, motha grass and amaranthus.

What is photolysis of water?

The process in which oxygen, hydrogen and electrons are evolved through the hydrolysis of water with the help of sunlight and chlorophyll is called the photolysis of water.

What is anaerobic respiration?

The respiration which occurs in absence of oxygen, is called anaerobic respiration. In anaerobic respiration, respiratory substances being partially oxidized with the help of enzymes, produce different types of organic compounds (ethyl alcohol, lactic acid etc), CO 2 and small amount of energy. Only in some microorganisms such as in bacteria, yeast etc. anaerobic respiration occurs.

What is the chemical formula of pyruvic acid?

The formula of pyruvic acid is C 3 H 4 O 3 .

What is amitosis division?

The cell division process where nucleus of a cell divides directly into two parts is known as amitosis cell division. In this cell division at first both nucleus and cytoplasm divides into two parts. This type of cell division is found in bacteria, blue green algae, yeast etc.

What is aster ray?

In animal cells of the pro-metaphase stage of mitosis cell division, the spindle apparatus is developed from centrioles, and the centrioles remain in the two poles with rays spreading out from them. This rays are known as astral rays.

What is reductional division?

The cell division process where four daughter cells are produced from an eukaryotic cell and number of chromosomes become half comparing to the mother cell is known as reductional division or meiosis cell division. In the anthers and ovules of flowering plants, and in the testes and ovaries of animals meiosis occurs.

What is irregular cell division?

In mitosis cell division a cell divides into two and two cells divide into four cells and the process continues. But if this control is lost due to any reason, cell division continuous in an irregular way. This is called irregular cell division. Cancer, tumour etc. complicated diseases are the result of irregular cell division.

What is diploid?

At the time of the development of reproductive cells, number of chromosomes becomes half than that of the  mother cell. This situation is known as haploid. When the haploid cells are fused, the state of cell having two sets of chromosomes is called diploid.

What is meant by equational cell division?

Mitosis is termed as equational division. Mitosis is a type of cell division by which a eukaryotic cell divides into two by a special method. In this process, the nucleus and chromosome are divided once and the number, structure and properties of chromosome in the newly formed cell remain just alike the mother cell.

What is prokaryotic cell?

A prokaryotic cell does not contain any true nucleus. This is why it is called a cell with a primitive type of nucleus. 

What is aerenchyma?

The parenchyma cells with air filled spaces are called aerenchyma, that usually found in the aquatic plants. 

What is Ribosome?

The organelle that lacks membrane around  it helps in protein synthesis of animal and plant is called Ribosome.

What is muscular tissue?

Growing from the mesoderm of the embryo the particular type of contracting and expanding tissue forming the muscles of vertebrae animals is called muscular tissue. 

What is cell division?

Every living body is composed of cells. Some living bodies are made of only one cell. They are called unicellular organisms, e.g. bacteria, amoeba, plasmodium, some fungi, and some algae, some living bodies are made of more than one cell.  These are called multicellular organisms. There are many living bodies, which are made of millions of cells. Living bodies like human beings or mango trees etc. are composed of millions of cells. Unicellular organisms increase their number (multiply) by cell division. In this process, one cell divides into two, two to four, and so on.

What is the meaning of an amitosis cell division?

Amitosis cell division occurs in lower organisms. The bodies of these organisms are composed of a single cell and their nucleus is not well-organized. Because of don't having a well-organized nucleus, an important part in cell division named spindle apparatus doesn't develop here. You may like: What is the meaning of an amitosis cell division? What is haploid in Biology? What is zygote in Biology? What is meiosis cell division? What is crossing over?

What is haploid in Biology?

In meiosis, the number of chromosomes becomes half in the daughter cells than that of the mother cell, then the feature of possessing half number of chromosomes is called haploid.  You may like: What is the meaning of an amitosis cell division? What is haploid in Biology? What is zygote in Biology? What is meiosis cell division? What is crossing over?

What is zygote in Biology?

Zygote is the result of diploid cells developed from the union of haploid sperm and haploid ovum. You may like: What is the meaning of an amitosis cell division? What is haploid in Biology? What is zygote in Biology? What is meiosis cell division? What is crossing over?

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